Announcement:  Video Participation in Hearings Now Available

CourtCall and the Division of Workers’ Compensation are providing a system to make workers’ compensation hearings available by phone or video, from offices, homes, or other convenient locations.  CourtCall allows lawyers and parties to avoid the travel time and costs associated with commuting to a hearing location.  CourtCall is currently available at the Des Moines hearing venue for each Deputy Commissioner for any hearing that the parties and the Deputy Workers’ Compensation Commissioner agree to.  CourtCall may also be available for road venues with advanced arrangements.

If the parties know who the Deputy Commissioner assigned to the case is the parties shall contact the Deputy Commissioner directly for permission to use CourtCall.  If a Deputy Commissioner is not assigned, the parties shall contact the Hearing Administrator.  Once approved by the Division of Workers’ Compensation the parties shall contact CourtCall to be placed on CourtCall’s system.

CourtCall staff coordinates and facilitates the remote appearances.  A remote participant may speak to the Judge in the presence of others, or they may speak privately and directly to others outside of the Judge’s hearing.  Document sharing is available through CourtCall’s platform.

CourtCall is a private company and charges a fee for this service.  Telephonic appearances cost $66.00 per participant, per hearing, and video appearances cost $76.00 per participant, per hearing.  If a party requests to appear via CourtCall to provide testimony, the cost is $45.00 for the first 45 minutes, and $12.50 for each 15-minute increment thereafter.

Remote appearances are arranged directly through CourtCall, and not through the Division of Workers’ Compensation.  The use of CourtCall is voluntary by the parties.  Parties need to obtain approval from the Deputy Commissioner prior to scheduling a CourtCall appearance.  CourtCall enables a participant to easily serve notice of intent to use CourtCall.

Contact CourtCall at or (888) 882-6878 for further information or to schedule appearances in advance of hearings.