Compliance Requirements

Employers, insurance carriers and third party administrators must follow all of the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (WC) compliance requirements. Please review the Reporting Requirements and the Compliance Handbook to ensure the Iowa Division of WC Act compliance requirements are met. The following must comply with those requirements:

  • Iowa companies
  • Companies with employees who work in Iowa
  • Companies who conduct business in Iowa
  • Companies (or individuals) adjusting Iowa workers' compensation claims

Information on the Iowa Division of WC law, regarding insurance carriers and self-insurers compliance duties and responsibilities, is provided for review. 

Workers' Compensation Compliance Administrators

WC's Compliance Administrators represent the Iowa Division of WC and cannot represent the interests of any individual or group involved in a WC case. However, Administrators can provide information to individuals or groups who contact the Iowa Division of WC to help them better understand WC laws and practices. 

WC's Compliance Administrators are also the agency's representatives on compliance issues. If it is believed someone, or some entity, is failing to comply with the Iowa Division of WC statutes and rules in regard to a WC claim, please notify a Compliance Administrator immediately. When notified, a Compliance Administrator will work to end the noncompliance.

Contacting an Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation Compliance Administrator

When sending an email to a WC Compliance Administrator please include the following information in your message:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Iowa Division of WC file number (if known)
  • Employers name 
  • Employer address

If you wish to speak directly to an Iowa WC Compliance Administrator please call our office. The following WC Compliance Administrators are here to serve you:

Last Name Begins With The Letter: Contact Person
A through K Jennifer deNeui
L through Z Hope Winegardner

Penny Maxwell