Erin Q. Pals


Contact Information

Phone: 515-725-3834
Cell: 515-829-7477
Fax: 515-281-6501

Submitting Documents


Provide a courtesy email copy of any motion, response, or other filings on any file  known and assigned to Deputy Pals. This is in addition to normal agency filing procedures.

Notification of Settlements

Des Moines Venue

Please email Deputy Pals with notification of the settlement.

Road Venue

Please email Deputy Pals with notification of the settlement.

Please Note

These requirements are in addition to the normal agency notification procedures.

Special Accommodations

Please notify Deputy Pals if any party, witness, or other individual needs special accommodation as soon as possible.



No preferences.

Hearing Reports

Hearing reports should be completed prior to the time set for hearing. 

Exhibits at Hearing

Note: Exhibits submitted at hearing that do not comply with these preferences shall be returned to the party and ordered to resubmit them after hearing in proper form.

1.  Medical treatment records are to be first organized by provider in the chronological order that the providers treated claimant.  Each provider's records shall then be placed in chronological order.  Medical records shall not be altered.

2.  Medical treatment records are not to be offered separately by each party unless authentication of a record is in dispute.  All such records shall be contained either in one party's exhibit, or in a separate joint exhibit.

3.  No X-rays or other imaging is allowed absent a showing that such will be helpful to the deputy in addressing the disputed issues and not require expert medical interpretation.

4.  Medical and vocational opinion reports may be offered separately by the parties.

5.  Each party must submit a list of their exhibits.

6. Claimant shall identify his or her exhibits numerically.  Defendants shall do so alphabetically.

7.  Highlighting is permitted, but not required.


If any equipment is needed for presentation of evidence, such as a DVD player, this must be provided by the party introducing the evidence.


Opening Statement

No preferences.

Closing Statement

No preferences.

Providing Exhibits to a Witness

No preferences.


No preferences.


No preferences.


No preferences.


No preferences.

Post-Hearing Requirements


Post-hearing briefs are encouraged. Deputy Pals does not set page limits but does expect the parties to make concise arguments. Please email Deputy Pals a courtesy copy of your brief.


No preferences.