Form — Settlements & Commutations — Payment Activity Report (PAR) — 14-0147


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Payment Activity Report (PAR) for Settlements & Commutations




January 2020


This form is used to submit a Payment Activity Report (PAR) to the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) as part of settlement documents or for a commutation.


To complete this form:

  1. In Section A, provide the complete names and addresses of the insurance carrier, employer, and employer.
  2. In Section B, provide the information concerning any changes in payment status or any comments pertinent to the handling of the claim.
  3. In Section C, provide the information relating to the rate calculation.
  4. In Section D, indicate whether:
    • The PAR is a Commencement of Payment Notice.
    • The PAR is a Denial of Liability.
    • Benefits are not being paid and the reason.
  5. In Section E, provide the requested information to report the benefits paid to date, and to indicate whether an "Interim Report" (disability benefits are continuing; enter the estimated completion date) or "Final Report" (disability benefits have been terminate; enter the date of last payment) is being filed. You may attach a separate sheet if necessary.
  6. Identify the person who prepared the PAR and the date on which it was prepared.

Note:  Do not provide personally identifiable information such as the claimant's Social Security Number in the PAR when submitting it as part of a settlement or for a commutation.