Hearing Requests

Order of the Commissioner

Implementation of the Workers' Compensation Electronic System (WCES) hearing request tool will begin on October 14, 2019, under the order In re Scheduling Hearings Using the Workers' Compensation Electronic System issued by the Iowa Workers' Compensation Commissioner.

To view the order, click here.


For more information about WCES, click here.

Joint Scheduling

Counsel of record for all parties and any self-represented parties to a case must work together to jointly submit a hearing request on WCES.

Association With Case on WCES

In order to request a hearing, you must be associated with the case on WCES. If you are not associated with a case, you must electronically file (eFile) an appearance on WCES.

Requesting a hearing on WCES

Parties to qualifying cases must use the WCES hearing request tool to schedule a hearing in their case with the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC).


To view the FAQ with information about scheduling hearings on WCES, click here.

Written Instructions

For written instructions on how to request a hearing for a case using WCES, click here.

Tutorial Video 

To view a tutorial video on how to request a hearing for a case using WCES, click here.