Iowa Electronic Data Interchange Claim and Reporting Compliance Handbook

The Iowa Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Claim and Reporting Compliance Handbook is provided to help any individuals or businesses understand the State of Iowa’s claim, compliance, and reporting requirements. It is also provided to help any individual understand the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions’ (IAIABC) Release 2 EDI package. After July 1, 2001, workers' compensation claims are only accepted via the EDI process.

The handbook offers information on Iowa's reporting and compliance system and is available for reference to help ensure compliance with Iowa Worker's Compensation statutes, rules, and requirements. The Compliance Handbook is not intended to replace, substitute or supplement the EDI Implementation Guide or the IAIABC's Release 2 EDI Implementation Guide.

To assist the reader in understanding the IAIABC’s Release 2 standards reporting system you will find terms and definitions utilized in “Release 2”. Further more, those terms and definitions are also compared to ones currently used in the Iowa Workers’ Compensation system.

Opinions or conclusions expressed in the handbook should not be considered to be a final determination of this office.

July 2001 Compliance Handbook