September 2018

The Division of Workers’ Compensation is announcing a delay in the roll-out of the new electronic filing, case management, hearing scheduling and EDI system for workers’ compensation, known as the Workers' Compensation Electronic System (WCES).

The Division had planned to Go-Live on December 3, 2018.  It has been determined it is not possible to thoroughly test the system before December 3, 2018. The Division was advised to delay the Go-Live date until we can be confident WCES has been thoroughly tested.

A new Go-Live date for WCES has not been determined. Work will not stop on this project and the Division will publish a revised Go-Live date once we have agreement among the vendors and the Division.

The delay in the go-live date applies to both filing in contested claims as well as EDI.  EDI filers will continue to file using EDI Release 2.0 until WCES goes live and then will switch to EDI Release 3.1. Claimants, employers and insurance carriers will continue to file paper documents in contested claims until WCES goes live.  The process for scheduling hearings will also remain as it is currently until WCES goes live.

Thank you for your continued engagement and please let the Division know if you have any questions.