Parking at 150 Des Moines Street

The Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) holds hearings at:

150 Des Moines Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

The office has gated parking for staff and members of the public who have business with DWC.

To gain access to the parking lot to participate in a hearing:

  • Use the entrance gate located off of Des Moines Street and on the south side of the parking lot.
  • The gate has an intercom feature. Click on the intercom button to speak with front desk staff.
  • Inform front desk staff of your reason for accessing the parking lot (e.g., a workers' compensation hearing).
  • Front desk staff will raise the arm and allow you to access the parking lot.
  • Park your vehicle and enter the building's main entrance, which faces Des Moines Street.
  • Front desk staff will direct you to the DWC hearing waiting room, on the west side of the building's main entrance.

If the DWC parking lot is full:

  • Street parking is available on Des Moines Street, Robert D. Ray Drive, East 2nd Street, and East Grand Avenue.
  • Parking ramps are located:
    • Approximately one block east of DWC, on the corner of Des Moines Street and East 4th Street.
    • Approximately two blocks south of DWC, behind the businesses on the corner of Robert D. Ray Drive and East Grand Avenue.

For a map of downtown parking in the City of Des Moines, click here.