Workers’ Compensation Documents

Title Link to File
Copy Fee Schedule 2017 COPY-PROCESS FEE2017.pdf
Contingent Settlement 14-0161 14-0161contingent.pdf
Conditional Table Release 2 Iowa Conditional Table.pdf
Concurrence Regarding Preference by Sara J. Sersland serslandpreference.pdf
Compromise Settlement 85.35(3) 14-0025 14-0025Compromise.pdf
Combination Settlement 85.35(4) 14-0159 14-0159combination.pdf
Claimant's Statement (Non-Represented Claimant Only) 14-0163 14-0163.pdf
Claimant's Confidential Information Sheet 14-0171 14-0171-CONFIDENTIAL.pdf
Charge Account Application 14-0093.pdf
Authorization to Release Information Regarding Claimants Seeking Workers' Compensation Benefits 14-0043 14-0043.pdf- patients waiver-.pdf
Application to Defer Payment of Filing Fees, Financial Affidavit and Order 14-0075 14-0075.pdf
Application and Consent Order for Payment Benefits Under 85.21 14-0037 14-0037.pdf
AMA Guides Task Force – Report of Member Matthew Dake dakereport.pdf
AMA Guides Sixth Edition Report by R. Saffin Parrish-Sams psamsreport.pdf
Agreement For Settlement 85.35(2) 14-0021 14-0021agreement.pdf
2017-2018 Questions and Answers Brochure - Ratebook 2017-2018_Q&A_Brochure.pdf
2016 Iowa Workers' Compensation Manual - Ratebook (Excel) 2016-2017 Iowa Workers' Compensation Manual - Ratebook WEB.xlsx
2015-2016 Questions and Answers Brochure 00-0026 Workers Compensation Question and Answers Brochure 2015 06 Color.pdf
2015 Iowa Workers' Compensation Manual - Rate Table rate2015.pdf
2014-2015 Workers' Compensation Questions and Answers Brochure 00-0026 qa14-15.pdf
2014-2015 Ratebook rb14-15.pdf
2014 Iowa Workers' Compensation Manual - Ratebook rb2014-15.xlsx
2013-2014 Ratebook 2013-2014ratebook.pdf
2013 Iowa Workers' Compensation Manual - Ratebook Rate Book 2013-14 Web (1).xlsx
2012-2013 Ratebook 12ratebookcover.pdf