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WCES eFiling Transition Resources

The Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) requires electronic filing (eFiling) in contested cases using the Workers' Compensation Electronic System (WCES). 

Below are resources relating to the DWC's transition to mandatory eFiling.

Changes to Agency Rules

The DWC amended existing rules and issued new rules relating to eFiling on WCES.

The Legislative Services Agency (LSA) published the Iowa Administrative Bulletin (IAB) and Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) Supplement containing the changes to Chapter 876.


The amendments to Chapter 876 of the IAC are on pp. 221 through 223 (PDF pp. 47 through 59).

To view the IAB, click here.

IAC Supplement

The amended chapters of Chapter 876 of the IAC are on PDF pp. 785 through 828.

To view the IAC Supplement, click here.


To view the latest version of Chapter 876 of the IAC, which contains the amendments relating to eFiling on WCES, click here.

OrderS of the Commissioner

To view orders issued by the Iowa Workers' Compensation Commissioner relating to WCES, click here.

New Uniform Guidelines for Preparation of Hearing Exhibits

As part of the transition to WCES, the DWC has made changes to the Uniform Guidelines for Preparation of Hearing Exhibits (Uniform Guidelines). The new Uniform Guidelines take effect on July 22, 2019.

To view the new Uniform Guidelines, click here.

DWC Forms

To view the DWC forms index, click here.

Overview of eFiling on WCES

For the basics on WCES, click here.