Workers' Compensation Electronic System (WCES) Update -- July 12, 2019


The Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) is implementing mandatory electronic filing (eFiling) on the Workers' Compensation Electronic System (WCES).

Release 3.1 EDI Website — Effective July 16, 2019

Effective July 16, 2019, EDI filings must be made on the Release 3.1 EDI Website. For more information, click here.

Other filings — Effective July 22, 2019

Effective July 22, 2019, other filings with the DWC (e.g., documents in contested case proceedings, settlement documents, and commutation documents) must be eFiled on WCES at:

Changes to Rules

To implement mandatory eFiling on WCES, the DWC amended existing rules and issued new rules.

This week, the DWC adopted the changes to the rules in ARC 4472C. To view ARC 4472C, click here

Forthcoming Order

The Iowa Workers' Compensation Commissioner will issue an order on the transition to WCES and deadlines for the eFiling of documents under the rules, as amended.

New Forms

The DWC must change some of its forms due to the transition to WCES.

The DWC will post the new forms on its website when they are finalized.

The new forms will be required effective July 22, 2019.

Future Updates

The DWC will provide future updates on: