Employers' Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage Verification

Information provided within the verification database is a representation of a larger set of data maintained by the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation. The sample data is used for specific workers' compensation coverage verification. There may be discrepancies between some of the data reviewed due to influences (i.e. reporting delays, recording delays, etc.) that are outside Iowa Workers' Compensation control. 

Employers’ Workers’ Compensation Coverage Verification Database

More information is also available by reviewing the Proof of Coverage Guide. The guide provides more information on timeliness reporting requirements, exceptions, and penalties and appeals.

Sometimes the information is not able to be located. If the information is not found that does not necessarily mean the coverage does not exist. For additional help verifying workers' compensation coverage in Iowa, call 515-725-4120.

Individual Employer Workers Compensation Self Insurance

Visit the Iowa Insurance Commissioner's office website to review the list of approved self-insured employers in Iowa and so much more.

For information on self-insured employers, please contact the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation at 515-725-4120 or 800-645-4583.