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Ratebook Spreadsheet

The Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) annually issues a Ratebook Spreadsheet that contains tables to be used when calculating an injured employee's weekly workers' compensation benefit rate.

To view the current and past versions of the Ratebook Spreadsheet containing the table with the rates of workers' compensation benefits, click here.

Rate Information for benefits & Mileage

DWC releases annual rate information for mileage reimbursement and the following types of weekly workers’ compensation benefits:  temporary total disability (TTD), healing period (HP), permanent partial disability (PPD), permanent total disability (PTD), and death, including:

  • Mileage incidental to the use of a private auto to travel for care
  • Maximum weekly rate
  • Minimum weekly rate
  • Weekly rate for volunteer fire fighters, emergency medical care providers, reserve peace officers, and volunteer ambulance drivers
  • Weekly rate for elected or appointed officials

To view this rate information, click here.


To view the FAQ on rate, click here.