Information Requests to the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation


Information requests made to the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) are governed by Iowa Code chapter 22, Iowa Code section 86.45, and 876 Iowa Administrative Code chapter 9.

Fee Schedule

To view the fee schedule for information requests to DWC, click here.

Request Portal

DWC uses the State of Iowa online portal to:

  • Receive information requests;
  • Communicate with you about your request; and
  • Provide information to you in response to your request.

You may use your portal account to access the information you request from any web-enabled device at any time after DWC releases the information.

To access the online portal, click here.

Information Request Form

DWC has developed a Information Request Form for use when requesting information from the agency.

The Information Request Form allows DWC to:

  • Understand your request;
  • Respond to your request as quickly as possible;
  • Comply with Iowa law governing confidential information and public records; and
  • Provide information responsive to your request.

After contacting DWC using the State of Iowa online information request portal, you may submit the completed DWC Information Request Form to expedite the process.

To access the DWC Information Request Form, click here.

Authorization to Release Information Form

Some records relating to workers' compensation claims are confidential under Iowa law. An individual may authorize release of confidential information relating to a workers' compensation claim by completing the form. 

DWC cannot release confidential information to you without a completed and signed authorization to release information form.

This form does not authorize any entity other than DWC to release information.

After contacting DWC using the State of Iowa online information request portal, you may submit a completed DWC Authorization to Release Information form.

To access the DWC authorization to release information form, click here.

Release of Information

DWC will release information only after receipt of payment for all fees relating to the request.

DWC will provide all requested records in PDF or mp3 format unless the requestor asks for delivery by mail.

The State of Iowa information request portal allows DWC to release requested information quickly after your payment has been processed.

After DWC releases the information you requested, you may access the information you requested on any web-supported device, using your State of Iowa information request account.

Expedited Release of Information

DWC typically processes information requests based on the order in which they are received and the amount of work needed to provide responsive information.

You may expedite the release of your requested information by paying the expedited release fee.

A request subject to expedited release is placed ahead of non-expedited requests in the fulfillment line. Expedited releases are fulfilled relative to other expedited releases in the order received.

To ensure expedited release, DWC fulfills requests subject to expedited release using only the State of Iowa online information request portal.

DWC fulfills requests subject to expedited release within three business days. To view State of Iowa holidays, click here.

DWC reserves the right to reject an expedited release request based on the amount of time necessary to provide information responsive to the request.


To access DWC decisions online, click here.