Workers’ Compensation Documents

Title Link to File
Workers' Compensation Questions and Answers 2018 Workers Compensation Question and Answers Brochure 2018_06 Color (3) (1).pdf
Workers Compensation Question and Answers 2017 00-0026 Workers Compensation Question and Answers Brochure 2017_06.pdf
Waiver for Release of Records 14-0169 14-0169waiverforrecords.pdf
Uniform Guidelines for Preparation of Hearing Exhibits Uniform Guidelines for Preparation of Hearing Exhibits.pdf
The AMA Guides Sixth Edition Task Force Member Report by Marlon D. Mormann mormannreport.pdf
Standing Order- Late Settlement Sanction Standing Order- Late Settlement Sanction-052918.pdf
serslandrpt Sara Sersland.pdf
Rulemaking Docket rulemakingdocket.pdf
Response to Mormann Analysis by Peter J. Thill, Defense Attorney thillreport.pdf
Request for File Information 14-0083 14-0083.pdf
Ratebook 2018-2019 Rates RATE BOOK 2018-2019 WEB.xlsx
Ratebook 2018-2019 Information 2018-2019 rate book.pdf
Ratebook 2017-2018 Rates Ratebook 2017-2018 Rates.xlsx
Ratebook 2017-2018 Information 2017-2018 ratebook.pdf
Ratebook 2016-2017 Ratebook Cover 2016-2017.pdf
Ratebook 2015-2016 (Excel) RATE BOOK 2015-16 WEB.xlsx
Ratebook 2014-2015 Excel Spreadsheet rb2014-15.xlsx
Ratebook 2014-2015 (Excel) rb2014-15 (1).xlsx
Ratebook 2013 (Excel) 2013 Ratebook (Excel).xlsx
Ratebook 2012 (Excel) 2012-13ratebooktable_0 (1).xlsx
R3 Event Table R3eventtable (1).xls
R3 Edit Matrix EDI_R3_EditMatrix (1).xls
Proof of Coverage pocguide.pdf
Present Value Discount Table presentvaluediscounttable.xls
Preference for Sixth Edition of the AMA Guides serslandreport.pdf

Division of Workers' Compensation
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1000 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50319-0209

Physical Address:
150 Des Moines Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

Phone: 515-725-4120 or 800-645-4583