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Iowa Workers' Compensation Law

The Iowa workers' compensation system is governed by the Iowa Code, Iowa Administrative Code, opinions of Iowa courts, and decisions and orders of the Iowa Workers' Compensation Commissioner.

Iowa Code

The following chapters of the Iowa Code govern the Iowa workers' compensation system. To view a chapter, click on the corresponding link.

Iowa Code Chapter 85 --  Workers' Compensation

Iowa Code Chapter 85A -- Occupational Disease Compensation

Iowa Code Chapter 85B -- Occupational Hearing Loss

Iowa Code Chapter 86 -- Division of Workers' Compensation

Iowa Code Section 87.22 -- Exclusion From Workers’ Compensation or Employers’ Liability Coverage — Corporate Officers, Proprietors, Limited Liability Company Members, Limited Liability Partners, and Partners

Iowa Code Chapter 17A -- Iowa Administrative Procedure Act

For more resources relating to the Iowa Code, click here.

Iowa Administrative Code

For information about administrative rules adopted by the Commissioner, click here.

Opinions of Iowa Courts

For opinions issued by Iowa courts, click here.

Orders of the Commissioner

For orders issued by the Commissioner, click here.

Decisions of the Commissioner

For decisions issued by Compensation Commissioner, click here.