Records Search and Copies

The Division of Workers' Compensation may provide copies of an injured worker's file and other records and data contingent on the following criteria:

Searches and requests for individual claim histories based on a name and social security number will be assessed a $35.00 fee per request for searching up to five individuals plus $8.00 for each additional individual searched on each request.  Should the requesting party want a copy or a screen print of the injured workers' claim, it will be provided according to current copy fee schedule in addition to the above search charge.  See current rules on criteria for a waiver for release of information from the claimant. 

Searches and requests for copies of an injured workers' entire file will be provided based on the current copy fee schedule.  The form for requesting the injured workers' file can be found on our forms and publications page.

The requesting party may apply to establish a charge account by filing a charge account application.  The application may downloaded, filled out, and returned to allow copies to be returned as soon as possible.  The agency sends an invoice monthly for the incurred charges with payment expected within ten days of receiving the invoice.  Without a charge account all incurred costs will be invoiced and the copies will be mailed or faxed according to the information contained on the request as soon as payment is received.

Requests for searches and/or file copies may be made by regular mail, hand-delivered, fax, or by email to our records clerk.  Email or fax requests shall be submitted on the current agency form.  Requests for complete files could take up to three weeks to process due to having to order the requested file from the state records center.