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Approval of Settlements

The Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) must approve settlements of workers' compensation claims.

Types of Settlements

Under Iowa workers' compensation law, parties may enter into certain types of settlements.

For information about the types workers' compensation settlements, click here.

Settlement Forms

You must use DWC forms when eFiling settlement documents on WCES.

To download DWC settlement forms, click here.

Notice of Intent to Settle

If your case is in litigation, you must give the DWC notice that you have reached a settlement agreement by:

  • eFiling notice of intent to settle on WCES; and
  • If the parties agree to settle a case close in time to the scheduled hearing, by emailing the presiding deputy with all parties cc'd on the email.

Failure to timely give DWC notice of intent to settle may result in a late settlement penalty.

Penalty for Late Settlements

If the parties give the DWC notice of their intent to settle less than 24 hours before the scheduled hearing, the DWC may order the parties to pay a late settlement penalty.

For more information about the penalty for late settlements, click here.

eFiling Tips:  SEttlement Documents

The DWC has developed tips for eFiling settlement documents on WCES.

To view tips for eFiling settlement documents, click here.

eFiling on WCES

You must electronically file (eFile) settlement documents on the Workers' Compensation Electronic System (WCES).

For more information about eFiling on WCES, click here.