Overview of eFiling on WCES


Use the Workers' Compensation Electronic System (WCES) to electronically file (eFile) documents with the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC).

You can eFile documents, track the status of your filings, review filings by other parties,  and receive documents and notifications from the DWC.

Log in

To log in to WCES, click here.

Requesting an Account

You must request an account on the WCES website to eFile. There is no cost to register.

For a video on how to request an account, click here.

eFiling is Mandatory

The DWC requires eFiling under agency rules in Chapter 876 of the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC). The DWC rules govern the filing of all documents.

You may ask the DWC for an exception from registration and eFiling by submitting a request. To get the form, click here.

Requirements for eFiling on WCES

To eFile on WCES, you need:

  • A computer with internet access and a browser. Internet Explorer (IE) version 9 or higher is recommended.
  • A current email address.
  • If you are an attorney, an AT Personal Identification Number from the Iowa Judicial Branch.

Most documents must be converted to a pdf (portable document format) before eFiling.

Filing Fees

Some filings with the DWC are subject to fees. After submitting an eFiling on WCES that is subject to a fee, you must mail a check to the DWC at:

Division of Workers' Compensation
1000 E. Grand Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50319


After a transition period, filing fees will be paid on WCES with a valid credit or debit card or by electronic check.

Tutorial Videos

Each video walks you through how to use the WCES eFiling system.

To view a video, click on the link:

Requesting a User Account

Navigating the System

Filing a New Case 

Filing to Existing Cases

Requesting a Hearing

User Guide

Not sure where to start? The user guide gives takes you step by step through of the eFiling process.

To view the user guide, click here.


You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete DWC forms. To get it free, click here.

The DWC revised some of its forms due to mandatory eFiling on WCES. To see all new DWC forms, click here.

To search all DWC forms, click here.

Hearing Requests

For information about requesting a hearing, click here.

System Unavailability

System outages are posted on the DWC website. 

Notice of when the system will be down for maintenance will be posted on the eFiling log-in page.

If WCES is unavailable, please check back periodically.

If you are unable to meet a deadline due to a technical difficulty, file the document using the soonest available electronic or nonelectronic means.

For information about filing a document with the DWC when you can't eFile on WCES, click here.


Many legal issues are time sensitive and contain strict deadlines. If you are unsure about whether deadlines apply to your legal issue, you should seek immediate legal advise from an attorney.


To contact Tybera for technical support, click here.

transition resources

To view resources relating to the transition to eFiling on WCES, click here.