The Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) is the neutral tribunal for contested case proceedings under Iowa workers' compensation law.

Deputy workers' compensation commissioners preside over hearings between the parties to contested case proceedings.

Hearing Schedule

To view the DWC hearing schedule, click here.

Note:  Due to the transition to the Workers' Compensation Electronic System (WCES), DWC is no longer performing regular updates of the legacy hearing schedule. Parties do not need to check the legacy hearing schedule when requesting a hearing date. WCES has the most up-to-date hearing information.

Hearing Requests

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Hearing Locations

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Hearings at Road Venues

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Deputy Hearing Preferences

To view the hearing preferences of the deputy workers' compensation commissioners, click here.

Interpretation Services

For information about interpretation services for hearings, click here.

Reasonable Accommodations

For information about requesting a reasonable accommodation relating to a hearing, click here.

Hearing Report Forms

Parties must electronically file (eFile) on WCES a proposed haring report in Microsoft Word format under agency rules at least 14 days before hearing.

DWC has developed two versions of the hearing report form, one for case that involve the Second Injury Fund of Iowa (SIF) and one for cases that do not involve SIF.

Hearing Report - No Second Injury Fund — Form 14-0047 

Hearing Report - Second Injury Fund — Form 14-0047